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We are a National Virtual Business Incubating Services Plus Our Clients Gain Access to over 30,000 private equity contacts around the world. 

Are you being called to do something brilliant and important? Do you have an idea by which your legacy will be made? Don’t waste another hour with your head buried in a business plan or leaving voice messages for random investors.

We’ve been there. Luckily, we’ve come out on the other side and want you here with us. We are the world's best matching service between Entrepreneurs and the world of private equity. By choice, not by chance, Millennia Launch Pad™ streamlines your innovation into a customized, step-by-step action plan. All your team does is log on to your customized business dashboard, where we dissect complicated systems into simple tasks for your team to complete in order.
But what’s the use of having a perfectly polished business plan without an investment to get the idea off the page, and into reality? Once we have constructed a sound plan, we connect your business with the proper target audience within our 30,000 private equity contacts. But we don’t stop there.
We help your team structure the nuances of your pitch for this specific investor, because if you don't talk their language, you will most likely be passed on.
In the case that you and this investor are not a match for one another, we will repeat this process for as long as it takes to get your brilliance recognized and your legacy lived. We help your company rise from concept to their destined intergalactic success.


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Our "Pre-Flight" Analysis enables us to gain insight into your business and outline an engagement launch sequence & flight pattern.

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Let's develop your unique flight pattern utilizing our state-of-the-art business dashboard.

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Extensive research within our 30K+ private equity contacts and will match founders with private equity based on market size, industry, and most importantly the "Ask."

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Targeted Engagements
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Term Sheets $7M+
Millennia's Global Network For Private Capital

× Our Match-Making Service Technology Connects Founders to over 30,000 Targeted Accredited Private Equity Contacts in the US and the World.



  • Customized Business Dashboard
  • Business Document Management
  • Roll Based-Team Based Task System
  • Private Equity Match-Making Services
  • Milestone Tracking & Much Much More


    Pre-Flight Analysis

    $199Flat Fee
    • In-Depth Analysis, Research, 1 Hour Video Conference with Flight Pattern Outline


    • Semi-Custom Dashboard,Document Management, Visual Milestones, Launch Sequence, Virtual Coaching, Phases, Series Seed Fundraise Coach, Investor Package Templates, Commentary, E-mail Support, Chat Room Support, Match-Making Services


    • Semi-Custom Dashboard,Document Management, Visual Milestones, Launch Sequence, Virtual Coaching, Phases, Series Seed Fundraise Coach, Investor Package Templates, Scripts, Commentary, Sales & Marketing Funnels, Traction Models, Low Cost High Return Processes, E-mail Support, Chat Room Support, 30 Min./mo, Targeted Angel Match-Making Services and much much more.


    • Pre-Flight Analysis $399 Flat Fee plus $299/mo Includes: Custom Tailored Dashboard,Document Management, Visual Milestones, Launch Sequence, Virtual Coaching, Phases, Series Seed Fundraise Coach, Existing Investor Package Review & Modifications, Commentary, E-mail Support, Chat Room Support, Targeted Venture Capital Match-Making Services, 2 hour Phone Support/mo, 
    For a more intimate proposal, please contact our office at 1-800-259-0537  

    We have been launching privately held business as a group since 2012, and in 2016 officially formed and launched the Millennia Launch Pad™ which is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with satellite offices in Orlando, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have clients nationwide.

    Millennia Launch Pad™ requires a one-time upfront fee of $199.00 and recurring monthly payments starting as low as $99.00 per month. No Contracts and clients can cancel at anytime if they are not receiving the value that far exceeds this investment. We understand first hand, the true value of equity and never take equity upfront on any engagements. Founder's may at their own option request that our company be on their advisory board and may receive equity at that time. Our goal at Millennia Launch Pad™ is to strategically position the Founder's to run a successful business, to tell it's investment story so that through all stages across all industries the businesses receive their series seed, angel or venture capital. If the founding team wants to grow a lifestyle business and hold it for 30 years, we can build a customized blueprint and virtual coach the client to achieve those objects. In some instances, it may be the founders wish to go big and grow fast- to be acquired by one of 30K + accredited private equity contacts and their firms.

    Our company is ran by successful entrepreneurs across many different types of industries and we know first hand that "equity" is a precious commodity and we also know that "equity" is liken to being married. Many business incubators across the country want to meet you, screen you, and marry you within the first 30 days. Unfortunately, in 30 days no one can tell if this is truly a win/win scenario. These scenario's usually play out in the first 12 months or longer. For those of us, who are seasoned entrepreneurs, we know that this should be a "red flag." In most startups, that have cool technology they are often cash poor and most founders become desperate to get help and are quick on the trigger with giving up equity-only to end up in divorced, in litigation and stripped of the companies assets. Our approach is that each client "dates" us and we entered into a mutually beneficial long-term interview engagement. We understand, that after 6 month's we may both look at each other and part ways as friends. But, if we were married with equity that would be much more difficult. Since most of our clients are brand new entrepreneurs we want to set you up to win in any market place across the globe. We will guide you, train you, and provide virtual incubation and when your investment package is ready to go to the world of private equity. We will do extensive research and send weekly highly targeted email packages out on your behalf. No Equity Required!

    Great! We understand. You're probably not really ready to move from the Hobby stage to a true Business Venture. That is 100% okay with us. When someone offers us equity when they first meet us, we cringe because we know that in that statement they do not really understand business and how it fundamentally works - at this point, you cannot afford not to retain us as your virtual coach-we will make sure you don't get screwed.

    No Contracts! No Cancellations Fees! Just go to the user cancellation agreement and cancel. It's really that simple or call us at 1-800-259-0537 and cancel.

    In 2012, one of the founders has raised $3.5M from a group of private lenders. Then in 2016, co-founders to an early stage company and raised 2 different $7M & $10M private equity terms sheets of which is pending on funding and our firm developed a private equity database of over 30K contacts. Many of these contacts, are the ones that acquire technology companies. During that consulting phases and fundraising we officially launch Millennia Launch Pad™ and co-created a nationwide virtual business incubating service and have an extensive match-making service that will pair entrepreneurs to the world of private equity.

    We do not have any restrictions on the stage of the company and we will work to create a semi-custom map for an entrepreneur in the idea/hobby stage to developing that idea into a true business startup. We can work with all kinds of business in all industries across all stages-including later stage and exits.

    We’ve successfully raised capital, co-create traction models, had acquisition offers, created jobs, and most importantly watched some of our startups turn into the fastest growing (by revenue) startups in US. It's up to you to tell us where you want to go whether that be to grow, hold, sell, license, spin-off, white-label, or simply learn the ropes of business from real serial entrepreneurs.

    The world is getting smaller by the minute-through technology advances. Millennia Launch Pad using cutting edge technology to service clients all around the globe. We do not want you to relocate near us. We want you to operate your business in your city, create jobs, and pay-it-forward right where you are. You have to have access to a computer and the high speed internet - other than that we can service you in our virtual business incubating state-of-art dashboard.

    1. Go to the Home Page, Enroll at Package A, B, or C and pay the $199 and enroll into the recurring monthly subscriptions. No Contracts!

    2. Immediately, you be sent to the Pre-Flight Online Web-Form which will have the Questions that must be submitted to us and will go into your assigned dashboard.
    3. Check your email for an assigned username and password to access your secured dashboard.
    4. Upon logging into your dashboard, then you'll be requested to upload documents for our review.
    5. We will schedule with you for a video conference call to review the package submission and outline the semi-custom milestones and objectives.
    6. Our journey begins.... as we create your business success story.


    Attracting Equity Investors

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