About Us

Millennia Launch Pad™ is a nationwide virtual business incubating service that can increase an founder’s and their teams in gaining traction and increase the team’s success rate. We specialize in organizing the chaos and giving the Founder’s a semi-customized state-of-the-art dashboard with clear milestone objectives, we in essence assist with guiding the business through various stages.
With each Founder’s business team, we can create a customized project-management road map and work in virtual business incubator process. When a Founder’s company is ready with an investor proposal for series Seed, series Angel, Series A, B, C, D we will do extensive research within our 30K private equity contact database. Within our global accredited firms database we have the contacts that collectively have trillions of dollars being managed and are aggressively looking for the next investment deal.  Millennia Launch Pad™ understands these accredited firms formulations and can assist the Founder’s to prepare investment packages that speak the accredited firms language.
We will start an email campaign to deliver those investor proposals directly to the hands of the decision makers in real time, with real analytics. In exchange, we virtually coach the founding team with a one-time up-front fee of $199 to $399 to access the business objectives and a transparently on-going fee ranging from $99 to $299/mo. We as fellow entrepreneurs understand the value of equity and advise our clients the pitfalls of making an uneducated decision too early and give up precious equity.  Our motto is that we can service thousands of businesses nationwide at one time and can offer to your founding team and opportunity to grow, learn, gain traction, get support, get templates, and have an investment proposal that may increase your success rate with our private equity database for an engagement price of just $99/mo with no equity.
Some business incubators  in smaller midwest markets can only handle up to 12 businesses at one time and may require a minimum equity position starting at 5% and by the time that business is done with that blueprint they may end up losing control and restricted in going out to sequential rounds because they have already diluted the technology and gave out 55% to the programs recommended or endorsed parties.
We know first hand, that equity is like a marriage and about 70% of marriages end up in a bitter divorce. At the early development stage of a company, when the company is just getting traction and should be forecasting their growth, is not the time to be giving up precious equity.  Do we ever accept equity?  Yes and only under certain conditions after we have a mutual beneficial working relationship and we have educated the founder’s on all their options.  We feel equity is like a marriage and we do not enter into those marriage vow with haste or with a 30 day guarantee.
Millennia Launch Pad team’s can mutually aligns our team with that of the founding team using our state-of-the-art business incubator dashboard.
We have over 40K accredited private equity contacts within our database.  Join our team for a for one-time fee of just $199 and just $99 per month thereafter until you achieve your objectives. No Equity Required!